Andrea Picchi, Design, Mentor, Evangelist at Sony Mobile Xperia

Human-Centered Business


Connecting people’s needs with business opportunities.
Implementing Design Thinking, Design Doing, and Design Environment in the company’s fiber establishing a human-centered culture that inspires principles and practices aimed to propel innovation and humanize the use of technology.

Abductive Thinking


Switching between an high-level holistic, and a low-level operational mode.
The holistic mindset captures the big picture during the problem definition phase while the operational mindset processes the fine details demanded by the solution during the creation phase.

Andrea Picchi, Design, Mentor, Evangelist at Virgin Media
Andrea Picchi, Design, Mentor, Evangelist at Ryanair

Cognitive & Scientist Storytelling


Grounded in the roots of cognitive psychology and computer science and inspired by a deep passion for people and storytelling.
Storytelling is always my preferred way to communicate, an ancient craft that in our modern world can be used to deliver solutions and ideas in a way that are resonating to mind while touching the heart.