Mobile Design & Development

Course Language: Italian.

The course, as part of a postgraduate program, will introduce the Mobile User Experience Design and the Objective-C programming language starting you on the path to becoming a well-rounded mobile design and developer mastering the iPhone, iPad, and Mac environment and guidelines.

What you’ll learn:

The postgraduate program is structured into 4 modules. In the first module, you will learn how to design for iOS and in the second module how to develop for iOS. In the third module you will learn to master the technology behind a mobile device like the iPhone and in the fourth module, you will learn how to strategize your business to maximize the benefits of being mobile-first.


Design Module: iOS Design.
– Introduction to iOS guidelines.
– The problem-solving process.
– UX Design.
– UI Design.
– Prototyping.
– Testing.

Programming Module: iOS Programming.
– Objective-C language.
– Xcode environment.
– Foundation Framework.
– Cocoa Touch.
– iPhone and iPad Deployment.

Technologic Module: Data Elaboration.
– Sensors.
– Audio and Video.
– Networks.
– Geolocation.
– 3D graphic libraries.

Business module: App Strategy.
– Enterprise apps.
– Consumer apps.
– Cross-platform apps.

Andrea Picchi - University of Pisa, Computer Science Department

Name: Mobile Design and Development
Univeristy: University of Pisa
Dept.: Computer Science
Language: Italian
Quarter: Fall 2011, Spring 2012