Mobile Design

Course Language: Italian.

The course, as part of a postgraduate program, will introduce the Mobile User Experience Design and the Objective-C programming language starting you on the path to becoming a well-rounded mastering iPhone, iPad, and Mac designer and developer.

What you’ll learn:

The postgraduate program is structured into 2 sections. In the first section, you will learn how to be design-driven and think like a User Experience Designer.
In the second section, you will dive into the Objective-C language learning how to use the Foundation and Cocoa Touch frameworks to create performing native applications.


01. Introduction to User Experience Design
02. Design Thinking Process
03. Requirements Definition
04. Information Architecture
05. Experience Mapping
06. Mobile User Experience Design
07. Mobile User Interface Design
08. User Experience Research
09. Usability Testing
10. Articulating Design Decisions

01. Objective-C 2.0
02. Classes, Objects and Methods
03. Data Types and Expressions
04. Controlling the Program’s Flow
05. Inheritance
06. Categories e Protocols
07. Preprocessor
08. Objective-C is also C
09. Run Time System
10. Introduction to Foundation Framework
11. Numbers, Strings and Collections
12. File and Directory
13. Memory Management
14. Copying Objects
15. Archiving Objects
16. Error Handling
17. Design Patterns
18. Blocks
19. Grand Central Dispatch
20. App Release

Andrea Picchi - University of Pisa, Computer Science Department

Name: Mobile Design and Development
Univeristy: University of Pisa
Dept.: Computer Science
Language: Italian
Quarter: Fall 2011, Spring 2012