Human-Centered Canvas

The human-centered canvas is a tool that facilitates a human-centered problem-solving process that can be utilized to solve wicked problems regardless of their context.

In the past years, a significant portion of my focus has been on how to create a human-centered organization. With the term “human-centered organization” I refer to a group of persons that deliberately implemented a human-centered problem-solving practice at the core of their processes and operations.

One of the challenges of organically scaling a human-centered practice across an organization is to support the adoption of its mindset which includes the absorption of a new set of skills and the development of a new attitude.

The main idea behind the Human-Centered Canvas is to provide a structure that can be used by designers and non-designers to facilitate this adoption, and that can reduce the complexity and the mental effort required by this demanding change.

I used the Human-Centered Canvas to align multidisciplinary teams during the design and development phase, but also to promote the adoption of a human-centered problem-solving practice into other disciplines like human-resource, marketing, and finance.

If you want to know more about what it means creating a human-centered organization, you can check my presentations at UXStrat in the “Talks” section of my website.

I encourage you to download the PDF, or the PNG, and try to use it and share your feedback via email or LinkedIn.

Human-Centered Design Canvas - Andrea Picchi
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Author: Andrea Picchi
Format: PDF, PNG
License: BY-NC-SA