Andrea Picchi - Designer, Mentor, Evangelist
Andrea Picchi - Designer, Mentor, Evangelist

Andrea Picchi
Designer, Mentor, Evangelist

How a Design-Driven Company can Multiply its Business Value – UX Alive 2017

Hilton Bomonti Hotel (Istanbul, Turkey). How a Design-Driven company can Multiply its Business Value. Throughout most of history, companies and business strategies have been shaped around quantitative types of values like functional and financial. Today we live in a world permeated by ubiquitous services based on personal, and deeply meaningful, experiences that completely reframed the customer expectations. What is the implication of this context shift?
To create a sustainable business in this new context is, therefore, imperative to embrace a design thinking mindset uncovering qualitative values, and use this premium and intangible type of value, to deliver meaningful experiences. How to create a team and an organization that is able to generate qualitative value?
This small shift in perspective requires a significant commitment across the entire organization. Every company is different, and every culture requires a tailored approach, but the social and technical principles behind a shift of that magnitude are always the same.

In this keynote, we will analyze the typical steps behind the transformation strategy of companies like Apple, Google, Samsung, Nokia, and Sony, and how these companies were able to create and nurture a design-driven group capable of delivering a rich and meaningful experience with the ultimate goal of building a long-lasting relationship with their customers.
Initially, we will introduce why adopting a design thinking mindset is the only way to truly connect a business with its customer base and to enrich the cognitive world inside the user’s mind.
We will also look at how the design role is changing inside modern organization analyzing how it will evolve in the next 5-10 years presenting what skills will contribute to shaping the future of this discipline.
Afterward, we will illustrate how to establish a design thinking mindset inside an organization, how to set up strong design-driven foundations and how to overcome the inevitable frictions that a transformation of that magnitude implies; because what seems simple and inevitable in theory is unbelievable hard and challenging in practice.