Design Management

Create, Develop, and Lead Effective Design Teams

“Design Management: How to Create, Develop, and Lead Effective Design Teams”, will share insights and frameworks to shape the appropriate capabilities, behavior, and mindset to blend design management and leadership into a symbiotic role that is both inspirational while delivering design excellence. A must-read for designers with an ambition to advance their careers.

Eric Quint
Author of “Design Leadership Ignited”
Former Chief Brand and Design Officer at 3M

Design Management - Create, Develop and Lead Effective Design Team - Andrea Picchi

Why this Book?

Designers are more in-demand than ever, and companies worldwide are creating new leadership roles to manage them. With only a few select institutions teaching effective design management skills, self-taught design managers are on the rise, and resources are needed to guide them. Design Management is here to hone your ability to manage like a leader and magnify your team’s potential.

This book will help eager designers learn the behavioral abilities required to create, lead and manage high-performing teams using a systemic, context-agnostic, and therefore repeatable approach. While effective design management is vital in these times of complexity and fast change in organizations, the available literature on design management is insufficient, predominately informative, and unfortunately, not actionable. Design Management fills that gap by illuminating the soft and hard skills you need to lead your team to success.

Come away from Design Management with confidence about how to manage like a leader leveraging different leadership mindsets to nurture creative collaboration and establish managerial practices to prioritize workload, optimize creative meetings, run successful kickoffs, resolve conflicts productively, and ultimately achieve results and nurture relationships equally.

Whether you are a designer looking to lead and manage, or a member of an organization looking for guidance on promoting a design-led approach to business, this book belongs on your shelf. Design Management is here to assist you in the long haul.

What you’ll learn:

  • Comprehend the underlying social, psychological, and neuroscientific dynamics of leadership and management.
  • Cultivate the behavioral elements of a design manager.
  • Develop the building blocks of a design leader.
  • Establish your core practices, create a self-development program and drive your career progression.
  • Generate and project healthy and sustainable influence at any level of your organization.
  • Build trust, create psychological safety, and fulfill the social needs of high-performing teams across cultures.
  • Coach individuals and groups to unlock creativity and nurture creative collaboration.
  • Combine rigor and creativity to create a business strategy and develop a learning-oriented culture.
  • Leverage storytelling to connect design objectives and outcomes to the business purpose and strategy.
  • Manage creative friction and optimize in-person and remote design operations.

Who this book is for:

This book is for everyone who desires to expand and deepen their knowledge of design leadership and management, comprehending the social, psychological, and neuroscientific underpinning elements of this discipline.
The content provides equal tangible value to aspiring or recently appointed design leaders and managers who necessitate a practical education in this field and individuals already in charge of a group who aspire to evolve their understanding to advance their career toward a Head of Design or Chief Design Officer role.

Table of Contents

PART 01: Manage like a Leader
01: The Behavioral Elements of a Design Manager
02: The Building Blocks of a Design Leader

PART 02: Manage yourself
03: Create Your Development Program
04: Establish Your Core Practices

PART 03: Manage Designers
05: Build Influence
06: Create Your Team
07: Develop Your Team

PART 04: Manage Design Teams and Workgroups
08: Nurture Creative Collaboration
09: Optimize Design Operations

Design Management - Create, Develop and Lead Effective Design Team - Andrea Picchi
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Author: Andrea Picchi
Publisher: Apress
Pages: 499
Language: English

ISBN-10: 1484269535
ISBN-13: 978-1-4842-6954-1