Andrea Picchi - Designer, Mentor, Evangelist
Andrea Picchi - Designer, Mentor, Evangelist

Andrea Picchi
Designer, Mentor, Evangelist

A Conversation on Omnichannel Retail Experience – Digital Icons Interview

Olimpia London (London, United Kingdom). A Conversation on Omnichannel Retail Experience. In this interview, we discussed important topics in today’s retail market. The role of experience design in a modern retail business. The need for a cohesive omnichannel interaction, and how we should start from people even when the goal is to generate revenues.

Some of the questions I answered in this interview are:

  1. My role at River Island.
  2. There is a lot of noise around Omnichannel. How do you define omnichannel in the context of retails?
  3. Would you think that B2B is also part of the omnichannel experience?
  4. What does it take to create a unified omnichannel experience for different stakeholders? Is it only a technology challenge or mindset issue?
  5. What are the current trends that will impact the future of omnichannel in a big way?
  6. Consumers don’t care about channels. They are everywhere and look at it as one. The retailers are still thinking about them as channels and building metrics around channels. Do you think it is all blurring, and new parameters need to come?
  7. What are the top challenges that the apparel industry is facing in the digital world?
  8. River Island is selling through its 350+ stores and other points of sales locations and online! How are you keeping the customer experience intact, and how do you mind local cultural sensitivities?
  9. Can you please give any examples of local culture, and how are you imbibing it in the online world?
  10. The cost of online returns is growing and a threat to online sales. How are you tackling it?