Vision and Beliefs

I live and breathe Mobile

Andrea Picchi Mobile User Experience Designer

I believe in teams that define a clear vision and design experiences not merely features where everything from the initial product idea to its final release is about User Experience. There is no UX for me because everything is UX.

I believe in articulate the vision starting from why and only then define what and how because this is the only approach that guarantee to create a strong deep bond with the peoples: employees and users.

My vision of a Team is based on a conjunction between a cognitive approach to ux design and an agile approach to development where user validation play a fundamental role in every week of the sprint.

More About Me

Technical Skill

20 years of experience in mobile, ui, and ux design

Andrea Picchi Mobile User Experience Designer

With almost 20 years of experience in the UX and UI field, and almost 5 years in heading departments and leading teams I can offer a rare and unique combination of Humanistic (Cognitive and Social Psychology), Scientific (Computer Science and Programming), and Management skills very unusual among professionals in my field.

This mixed background equip me with a rare strategic and technical overview of the Design and Development process along with a profound grasp of project and product details.

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Work Experience

Senior and Lead UX-UI Designer, Head of Mobile

In the past I worked as Senior and Lead Mobile UX-UI Designer and Head of Mobile (UX+DEV). I’m currently working as As Head of Mobile & Wearable UX at Ryanair and my ultimate goal is to revolutionise the entire travel industry redefining how people experience travel.

My Portfolio

Andrea Picchi Mobile User Experience Designer