Andrea Picchi, Design, Mentor, Evangelist at Sony Mobile Xperia

Design-Driven Business

My mission

is to fill the gap between Design and Business implementing Design Thinking and Design Doing at the higher level in the company embodying and establishing design-driven principles and best practices with the goal of nurture innovation and humanise technology.

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Cognitive and Computer Scientist

I believe

in the synergy between the empathy-based problem-solving protocol of the Design Thinking and the evidence-based research protocol of the Scientific Thinking. My approach to design is based on fundamentals of cognition supported by a scientific approach to research and data analysis.

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Andrea Picchi, Design, Mentor, Evangelist at Virgin Media
Andrea Picchi, Design, Mentor, Evangelist at Ryanair

Holistic and Operational Thinking

I combine

and bring skills from cognitive psychology and computer science in conjunction with a passion for UX and Human Centered Design, brand management and marketing sensibility to my teams and my projects.
I am well versed with consumer product strategy, user research, information architecture and interaction design, industrial design and ergonomics, visual and graphic design.

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Strategic Thinking

I worked

with, and for, some of the most mature companies in the design space like Apple, Google, Samsung, Nokia, and Sony.
Recently, I have led the redesign of the new Ryanair ecosystem and the rise of the Artificial Intelligence-based company Babylon Health.

Andrea Picchi - Apple
Andrea Picchi - Google
Andrea Picchi - Samsung
Andrea Picchi - Nokia
Andrea Picchi - Ebay
Andrea Picchi - Sony
Andrea Picchi - Nike
Andrea Picchi - Ryanair
Andrea Picchi - Virgin Media


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