Mobile User Experience and Interface Designer
I’m a User Experience and Interface Designer and I live and breathe Mobile. With almost 10 years of experience in mobile field, I can offer a rare and unique combination of Humanistic (Psychology) and Scientific skills (Computer Science) very unusual among professionals in my field.
Understand Biz, Users, Context Requirements
Define Personas, Use Cases, and other deliverables through discussions and researches.
Define and Test User Experience Patterns
Elaborate the idea and share it using visual tools, like Sketches and Storyboards.
Design and Test User Interfaces
Create and Evaluate Wireframe, Prototypes, Mockup and User’s Interaction Flows.
Create and Perform Tests in Mobility
Conduct Usability Tests, analyze results and provide Guidelines to the team.
a Cognitive Approach
to Mobile Design

in order to guarantee to the designer a deeper understanding of the user and context requirements. This higher level of knowledge allow the designer to produce better user interfaces and generate higher level of user experience.

This approach goes behind the classic trial-and-error technique and let the designer be aware of the cognitive variables involved in the user experience process and be able to produce qualitatively better user interfaces.

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